Luxury Restroom Trailers for Rent in the Winter Season



The dynamics of getting luxury restroom trailers for rent in the winter season are quite different from summer months. There is often a misconception that getting a winter restroom trailer rental is impossible. Despite the seasonal change, you can enjoy the benefits of using nice porta potties in the winter season.

In case you are just getting started, we can help you with everything you need to know about portable luxury restroom trailer rentals.

Can I Get Luxury Restroom Trailers for Rent in The Winter Season


The question of being able to get restroom trailers for rent in the winter season comes up often before and during the winter. The simple answer is- Yes, absolutely. You can get luxury restroom trailers for rent in the winter season. Before choosing which luxury restroom trailer rental company to work with, it is crucial to do a background check on their operational processes.

Due to the peculiarities of the weather, the winter season is not a time to test-run substandard restroom trailers. The weather is cold, and you would not want to put your guests through the discomfort of unpleasant porta potties. Hence, you must ensure that you are working with a reliable and top-notch luxury bathroom rental company.

Why You Should Get Luxury Restroom Trailers for Rent in The Winter Season

The restroom of any organization or event is one of its most essential features. As a company, renting a long term luxury restroom trailer can improve the productivity of your staff. The facilities of the nice porta potty would prove your intentionality about them and spur them to do more.

On the other hand, getting luxury restroom trailers for events would reduce restlessness among guests and aid their focus. Hence, they would enjoy the event, and you would have less disorderliness. Here are the reasons why you should get luxury restroom trailers for rent in the winter season.

·         Comfort

The regular porta potty services will not be a suitable fit for the winter season. Your guests will be reluctant to go to the portable restrooms because of the cold weather. This is particularly because there are no heaters in such restroom units. The implication of this is that they will be uncomfortable and might get grumpy.

You could ace your game by getting restroom trailers for rent in the winter season. These luxury portable restroom rentals for events come equipped with facilities that shield your guests from the cold. When you use the services of The Mobile Throne, your guests can access hot and cold running water including all the luxury the restroom affords.

·         Increase in Workers Efficiency

A happy staff is synonymous to a progressive workplace. Having to repeatedly go to offsite restrooms could be burdensome for your team, which could lower their work morale. To get the best of their productivity, providing them with the amenities they need to function maximally is essential.

One such amenity is an outdoor restroom. Regarding outdoor restrooms for staff, these restrooms must be flushable and have good lighting. Additionally, they should have essential facilities that would help make your staff feel at home.

With a good restroom, your workers will be able to put in their best and keep your project running smoothly.

·         Cleaning and Maintenance

When choosing luxury restroom trailers for rent in the winter season, you need to consider the maintenance of the facility. Your choice of luxury toilet rentals should make it easy for users to clean up after them. You should stock the restrooms with toilet paper dispensers, sinks, hand towels, and soaps.

If you would rent a portable toilet on a long term basis then, you need to consider these maintenance factors. The Mobile Throne has got you covered if you need long term restroom trailer rental in NYC. Not sure about how to go about it? You could check out the tips for long term restroom trailer rentals.

·         Ease of Access

To shut out odor, traditional porta potties are usually placed a great distance from guests’ location. However, you don’t have to worry you when you use luxury restroom trailers for your events.

These restroom units have enclosed tanks, so odor will not be a concern. Consequently, you could position the portable toilets close to your events. It makes it easy for guests to access the restrooms.

Additionally, these luxury bathrooms have multiple units in one, so you would not have a disorganized array of porta potties.

·         Extra Room and Space

The winter season often implies that some guests will need to change outfits or wear extra clothing as it gets colder. Changing clothes in a regular porta potty will be difficult. This is because of their compact sizes, which leaves just enough room for the occupant to sit and shut the door.

The case is different when you opt for a luxury restroom trailer rental. Luxury restroom trailers have enough room for your guests to ease themselves and feel comfortable. If you have guests with toddlers, there would be enough space for them to change the wears of their kids as well.

Since your guests would most likely be dressed in layers, you should not miss this chance to make them comfortable.

Tips For Setting Up Luxury Restroom Trailers in The Winter Season

Setting up your luxury restroom trailer is as important as getting the restroom trailer down to your event or workplace. There are several factors to consider to utilize the essence of the luxury restroom trailer rental.

One question some people ask when renting a long term restroom trailer is how to keep the bathroom unit clean. When you read our guide on keeping your portable restroom trailer clean, you will get answers.

·         The Positioning of The Restroom Trailer Is Important

The location of your outdoor restroom should be easily accessible to everyone who needs to use it. Additionally, it should be placed in a balanced position. Sloppy areas should be avoided at all costs.

If there is a possibility of ice, ensure you put salt around where you will place the restroom trailer. Doing this will make it impossible for the ice to freeze to the ground. Your guests will have a safe pathway to the portable restroom.

In the case of snow, ensure the pathway to the restroom is cleared. Having guests slip at your event should be avoided.

·         Protect The Restroom Trailer from Strong Winds

Strong winds are a characteristic feature of the winter season. When these winds come, they could fall and destroy the portable toilets.

Aside from the porta potty getting destroyed, guests in the unit could also get seriously injured. This makes guarding your restroom trailers against a downfall is of your significant duties when expecting guests. To effectively do this, you should place the luxury restroom trailers against a wall or fence. If none are nearby, rest the outdoor restroom against a sturdy structure.

If you cannot find any options, come up with creative ways to affix the restroom trailer to the ground.

·         Place The Portable Restroom Trailers Under Covering

You should protect the portable restroom trailers from freezing by placing them under a cover. You could place the units under a tree if there is no shed nearby. When neither of these is close, choose a location where the sun concentration would be higher. This will make the trailers warm enough for people to use.

If you are concerned about the trailers getting too cold, get your luxury restroom trailers for events from The Mobile Throne. Our luxury restroom trailers come with heating systems. This will help cool the interior of the outdoor restroom if it gets too cold.

Top 4 Must-have Features in a Luxury Restroom Trailer


The goal when searching for luxury restroom trailer rentals in the winter season for events is VIP treatment. Even though several companies claim to provide this, many of them are not up to the task. There are certain features your luxury restroom trailer rental company should provide you. Here are some of the features.

1.      Flushable Toilets

The luxury restroom trailers you are renting must be flushable. One major difference between traditional porta potties and luxury restrooms is the ability to flush them.

Asides from the ability to flush the toilets, the company is expected to provide you with a water tank that has sufficient water. It will be an eyesore for your guests to be stuck in the restroom without water to clean up after them.

Furthermore, insufficient water will cause the restrooms to get messed up quickly. Occurrences like these will belittle the efforts you have put into the planning. Hence, you want to avoid them at all costs.

You could avoid an occurrence like this by allowing The Mobile Throne to handle the bathroom needs of your guests. Our luxury portable restroom trailers are usually doubly checked for cleanness before they are delivered to you. We have you in mind, so we ensure that these units come with a minimum of 150-gallon fresh water tank.

The 150-gallon fresh water tank is usually for our 2 station trailer luxury restroom. Opting for our 5 station luxury trailer would afford you more fresh water tank gallons. Asides from offering you premium services, we are usually on standby for counsel on how many restroom units you need. Even after getting the units, we are available to walk you through the process of managing the units.

2.      Sinks With Running Water

A visit to the restroom without sinks to wash the hands is an awful experience. Not washing hands after a trip to the toilet is the cause of several diseases. The center for disease control states that germs like Salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus could be transferred by your hands. This is primarily when you visit the restroom without washing your hands afterward.

If such situations are not avoided, your event could become a breeding home for germs and viruses. Issues like this can be avoided by choosing luxury bathrooms with sinks for cleanup. To aid the cleanup process, it is recommended that the sinks have both hot and cold water running.

3.      Well Lit Interior

The importance of proper lighting cannot be overemphasized especially if your event will be held in the evening. Your guests need light for changing and cleaning up. The guests who do not clean up may need to touch up their makeup or pick an item that dropped.

You want to avoid slips, spills, or stumbling in the restroom. Interestingly, one of the ways to ensure the restroom stays clean for a more extended period is by ensuring it is well lit. That way, your guests would see their way, and it could aid them in cleaning up properly after themselves.

4.      A Shield from The Cold

Visits to regular porta potties is usually short during the winter period. The intensity of the cold often causes this. As a result of the rush, guests often don’t take enough time to settle in patiently. Consequently, the restrooms get messy within a short time frame.

You could guard against this by ensuring the luxury restroom trailers is well insulated. That way, your guests can forget about the cold outside and focus maximally on their restroom business. To help them concentrate, consider getting a restroom where they can follow the event, even in the bathroom.

Luxury restroom trailers for rent in the winter season from The Mobile Throne come equipped with Bluetooth stereo systems. You could connect these stereo systems to sound from the event hall so that your guests are not entirely left while in the restroom.

Our restrooms have a cozy interior that gives you a “home away from home feel.” Each door is fitted with indicator locks, so your guests have privacy. Furthermore, the pedal flush system limits hand contact with the flush system, so that people who get easily irritated can feel still comfortable.

We are at your service at The Mobile Throne. If you’d like to get a quote or schedule our luxury portable restroom trailers this winter season, kindly call (516) 500-3113. You can also fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get right back to you.