Southampton is a summer destination for most people. As summer approaches, you will likely have events in this town that require fancy restrooms. This town is also known as a beach resort where you’ll find different fun-filled or formal events locations in villages like Westhampton Dunes, Sag Harbor, and Quogue. You can host events at these locations and get a luxury portable restroom trailer rental in Southampton. 

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know before using luxury toilet rentals. The post will also highlight the types of luxury portable bathrooms in NY. You can also enjoy a breakdown of the location and the suitable events in Southampton. 

What to Know Before Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer Rental in Southampton

Various options are available when renting luxury restrooms. However, the first step is to consider certain things that help you make informed decisions. 

Before hosting your event, it is important to know the size and options of the high-end portable toilet. There are various sizes between the smallest and the largest. You can have the 2 Station Cabin or the 5 Station Luxury restroom trailer. You can check the availability of your selected luxury restroom trailer as it fits into your occasion.

When you have the list of available rentals and their sizes, the next step is to consider the needs of your event. When getting portable toilet rentals for events in Southampton, you should look at the guest population. Some events are small gatherings of family or exclusive corporate meetings. On the other hand, occasions like wedding anniversaries or concerts will have higher populations and needs. 

Consider the fact that some events will run through the night till morning. At the same time, some others even last for days or weeks. All these details affect the type of services offered. You need a company offering long-term luxury rental services in Long Island, NY. 

The variety of options makes it easier to consider your pocket before deciding. Hence, it is important to consider the cost of services. You should request a quote to know the prices for the available outdoor restrooms. 

There should be a round-the-clock service option that helps with any emergency your luxury restroom might require. You should access the customer service option and the company's level of help. It will determine if the occasion is a great experience or a day you want to forget. Once you access these services and their reliability, consider the experience. 

Types of Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer in Southampton, Long Island, NY

If you need luxury bathroom rentals in Southampton for any private or public events, a wide range of options are available. The Mobile Throne ensures that we give you the best fit for your occasion. These options are available in sizes, number of restrooms, and features. 

When you understand the various options before you, you can choose your preferred portable restroom. Our personnel are also available to help you make the best decision for your event. Let's take a comprehensive look at the different types of luxury portable bathrooms for rent in Southampton, Long Island, NY. 

The 2-station cabin portable restroom offers two luxurious bathrooms for small events. This cabin is most suited for gatherings exclusive to families or corporate events with members-only invitations. You can relax while you address your potta porty needs in the wood-inspired interior of the 2 station cabin. The modest design and space still ensure you have a fully featured luxury portable restroom. It comes with standard features like a mirror, hand washers, and water storage. 

The 2 Station Comfort, like the 2 Station Cabin, offers you two restrooms, one for males and one for females. However, on request, you can change the label and the toilet accessories of either restroom. It all depends on the occasion and the type of guests or users. It is spacious and allows for more comfort, thanks to its royal interior design. You can keep the entertainment round the clock with the portable restroom Bluetooth stereo system. This potty porta is a good pick for family events like birthdays or anniversaries. If the event will last late into the night, there is a lightning option to keep the area lit all night. 

Here is another two-restroom option for your small or medium-sized events. It is a convenient option for keeping you and your guest relaxed and comfortable throughout the occasion. The 2 Station Mini, like the others, has a setup that allows you to place safely out of the way but not far away. There is immediate access for anyone and everyone. The indicator locks on the door, ensuring everything goes on smoothly. You also have a door that opens inwards with minimal push. This feature makes it the best option for you. An AC and Heating system suits private events such as game time or corporate dinners. 

If your guest number is a bit higher than what you find at a family gathering, the 3 Station Luxury is suitable for your portable restroom rental. This potty porta comes with floral patterns that have a relaxing effect on the user. A wedding party at the Sear Bellows County Park will be a suitable option for the 3 Station Luxury portable toilet.

This recommendation is because this luxury restroom has all the features and accessories to add a memorable feeling to your joyous occasion. You have quality accessories like paper towels, air fresheners, and liquid soaps. It will comfortably serve a population of 200 to 250 guests. The default setting showcases 2 portable restrooms for women and one for men. As mentioned earlier, we can change the setting at your request. 

Made specially for your wedding day, the 3 Station Wedding luxury toilet combines comfort and class. This option is a top-pick mobile toilet for your most special events. It adds to the class and dignity of the occasion with its white interior design. It is a good restroom trailer rental for events in NYC, especially Southampton. 

What's more? There are features of this luxurious porta potty that helps both the bride and groom. You have modern fittings, air conditioning, and vanity to help you dress and redress after using the restrooms. The large mirrors show you everything you need to add or remove. The water reservoir also helps to keep everything smooth throughout the occasion. 

You can also enjoy the luxury from one of the newest series from The Mobile Throne. This luxury toilet rental features two female and two male restrooms as the default option. If you are in Southampton and looking to host a large gathering in North Haven or Sag Harbor, this is a suitable bathroom trailer rental for you. 

There is a bluetooth stereo system for your exciting playlist. You also have an auto temperature regulator that keeps you warm or chilled, irrespective of the situation outside. This modern series differs slightly from the fully featured 4 Station Compact

You can pick the biggest among the bunch when you pick the 5 Station Luxury portable toilet. If you are looking to host a large gathering in Southampton, Long Island, this five-restroom setting is a good pick. The five stalls have decorative flooring, upgraded night lighting, and full-length 

Events that require Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer Rental in Southampton

The town of Southampton is a summer destination for many travelers and fun seekers for many reasons. There are several places to visit or things to do in this town. So it doesn't matter if you are a resident looking to have fun with friends and family or you are visiting for fun or work and seeking locations for large or medium gatherings. Southampton offers you all the fun-filled activities. 

Southampton is a naturally renowned beach resort, and that quality dictates the type of events you can host in this town while needing a bathroom trailer service. There are beaches of varying lengths, types, and atmospheres. One popular beach is the Coopers Beach in Southampton. This beach is popular as one of America's high-ranking Top Ten Beaches, with activity options including surfing and body boarding. 

The amazing local breweries you will love in Southampton are also part of why this town is a top pick for summer recreation. The Ll Beer Run in West Babylon is a top location for visits and tours. You also have the Southampton Publick House in Bowden in Southampton village. The village shares the same name with the town. 

The best part of Southampton is that you can host many events here using state-of-the-art portable bathroom rentals. Let's take a look at some exciting events requiring luxury portable restroom trailer rental in Southampton. 

Southampton is not just a town with beaches; it is also a place with a lot of golf clubs. The golf clubs are available in different sizes, packages, and ranges. Many golf clubs are suitable for sporting events requiring high-end portable toilets. It's all about what you want. 

You can enjoy fun games with friends at the year-round open-field clubs in the Hamptons. These clubs offer you an 18-hole private club with water hazards for four holes. If you and your corporate peers are pros at the game, it is a good place to have classy fun. Another option is Guoggue Field Club at the 6 Club Lane in Quogue, Southampton, NY. 

You can also take your friends to the Triangle Tennis Club at 411 Hampton Road in Southampton Village or the Sandy Hollow Tennis Club in the same village. Don't forget to provide the necessary care facilities like an outdoor restroom while at it. The 2 Station Mini will be the right fit for all game members. West Hampton Village also offers the option of enjoying beach tennis when you visit the beach at the depot road in the village. 

You can also host your wedding. A lovely wedding on a sandy beach with 400 ft of ocean view in Southhampton brings an exciting and memorable experience. The Pikes Beach at 765 Dune Road in West Hamptons Beach, NY is an open location where you can rent different-sized tents and host weddings and other parties. This beach has accessible roads with sand wheelchairs and a wooden path for all guests. 

The location and view add to the magic of the moment. Southampton offers you a captivating view of the Sagg Main Beach for your wedding events. It is a 1500-foot ocean shoreline serving as background for your lovely occasions. 

There is plenty of space so, there is an option to invite as many as possible. The best part is that you can have a larger and more suitable luxury toilet rental at your wedding. The 3-station wedding or the 4-station Modern Series will be nice for your wedding event. These two are good options for restroom rentals for wedding events in NY. 

Summertime is concert time. It is a time to go out more and enjoy the weather with families and friends. If you want to host concerts, Southampton is the top place for you. This town is popular for summer events. The different beaches are available for you to host musical concerts with attendance in the hundreds. 

The Bridgehampton Historical Society on Montauk Highway and Corwith Avenue is another place for concerts in Southampton. This national treasure hosts several events, such as car road rallies, craft fairs, and cultural and music events for residents and interested parties. 

Residents of Southampton get to enjoy the Parlor Music Series in this facility. It is a good place for all these musicals. So, if you plan on hosting or bringing a couple of friends along for the celebration, you might need a luxurious porta-potty to keep everyone fresh and comfortable. 

Some beaches in and around the different hamlets in Southampton also offer ocean views for music concerts. They are worth checking out. You can use the services of any of the luxury restroom rentals for festivals and concerts in Long Island, NY. 

Corporate events are another option in Southampton. This town and its different villages are home to various classy structures that can host formal events. The occasion could be a company anniversary, an organization dinner, or formal events like mergers and meetings. You have a lot of conference rooms and events halls across the Hampton Bays and the Bridgehampton hamlets.

If you want to host your corporate events in a more relaxing environment with lots of space, then the Hampton Bays is a good pick. The Sear Bellow County Park at the Bellows Pond Road is exactly what you want and love. It is a mixture of convenience and a serene environment. You can enjoy comfort and care in this corporate outing. There are bathroom trailer rental services that allow you to achieve your goal. 

There are simple recreation activities to enjoy with families in small numbers or a group of long-time friends. The exciting news is that there are a lot of places in Southampton where you can enjoy recreation with friends. Some events are for more private affairs that require the use of portable bathroom rentals in NYC.  

You can start by checking the W. Scott Cameron Beach at 425 Dune Road in Bridgehampton. This facility offers you picnic tables and concession stands for your small events. It is best for small recreational activities. The Mobile Throne 2 Station Mini portable luxury restroom trailer will fit nicely for your portable restroom needs in this location. 

If your recreation ideas are more in tune with water-related activities, the Hamptons Bays are a good option. You can enjoy the easy and affordable paddleboards for on-water recreation. The location is at the Adventure Paddleboards at 32 Lighthouse Road in Hamptons Bays. After surfing, paddling, and swimming, you can freshen up and dress using a fancy porta-potty. 

Moving away from on-water recreation, you can also go camping in Southampton. Camping, hiking, horseback riding, and rowboating are some recreation activities at Sears Bellows County. You have a lovely landscape on 979 acres of land. This park is at the Bellow Road in Hampton Bay. 

Film production in summer requires a location with views and backgrounds that help add emotions to movies. Southampton is also a good place for movie production at the casting level. The best part is the Hampton Theatre Company at 125 Jessup Ave in Quogue. The places showcase interesting movies and different locations around the town suitable for production. Film production requires that you move around Southampton from one hamlet to another. You can have a long-term luxury restroom trailer rental. This mobile restroom is available to you as you move around the town. 

Top Considerations for Luxury Portable Bathroom Trailer Rental in Southampton

The various events in Southampton call for expertise in choosing the best porta-potty. It doesn't end with just selecting your preferred luxury; you also need guidance on how to use, maintain, and return these luxury bathrooms. Our all-around service at The Mobile Throne makes us a top pick for your luxury portable restroom trailer rental in Southampton, Long Island. 

We offer you the best with top-quality design and features. Our services are different and unique. Here are some features of the Mobile Throne luxury restroom trailers: 

The technology world is shifting towards offering more automated comfort. One technological addition is the auto flush system of our restrooms. It contributes to the hygienic environment. You don't have to do much when using our luxury bathroom rentals. Less stress, more comfort. 

We offer a blend of antique and classic decoration that fits contemporary taste and choice. The design aims to add the comfort users get to experience. The spacious construct contributes to the relaxing effect of the restroom. At The Mobile Throne, it is more than simply providing a space for toilet needs. We ensure to add that relaxing and comfortable feel. 

While we employ the latest technology and the right design, our luxurious porta potty ensures users have everything they need. The features include AC and heating, vanity, music setting, external and internal lighting, and automated temperature regulation. Mirrors and door indicators are also available to make the experience enjoyable. 

Make your Event Memorable with our Portable Restroom Rental Service at the Mobile Throne

Do you want to get a luxury portable restroom trailer rental in Southampton? The Mobile Throne is a worthy option for consideration. We will answer all your questions and provide you with the best restroom option that suits your events. 

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