Frequently Asked Luxury Portable Restroom Questions

Do you have questions about luxury portable bathroom trailers?  Please take a look through our FAQ for answers to the most common questions we are asked.


Will The Restroom Trailer Arrive Clean?

Yes! Our restroom trailers are cleaned and sanitized before they go out to any event. Here are the steps taken to ensure that restroom trailers arrive clean:

  1. Thorough Cleaning: Before each use, restroom trailers are thoroughly cleaned, including the toilets, sinks, floors, walls, and any other surfaces.

  2. Sanitization: Once the cleaning is complete, the trailers are then sanitized using approved disinfectants to kill germs and bacteria.

  3. Inspection: After cleaning and sanitization, a final inspection is performed to ensure that everything is in working order and that the trailer is ready to be transported to your location.

Can The Restroom Trailers Be Moved During An Event?

In most cases, yes, we can accommodate moving the trailers to a more convenient spot if you realize the initial placement wasn't the greatest.  As long as we can access the trailer we'll be happy to move it for you.

What Size Restroom Trailer Should I Get?

The size of the your restroom trailer should be determined by the amount of people attending the event and to abide by any local by-laws that might be in place for the specific type of event.

Generally it's a good idea to have one portable restroom trailer per 35-50 guests.  The ratio of men to women will also make a difference in how many restrooms you should have on hand as well as the consumption of alcohol.

If you're planning an event it's a good idea to give us a call so we can learn a little more about the event and we can make recommendations that will keep your restroom needs covered.

Do You Offer Long Term Rentals?

Yes, our portable restroom trailers are available for daily, weekly, monthly, and even longer term rentals.

Is Delivery Included In The Rental Cost?

In most cases, yes.  If you're event is located in Long Island then your delivery and pickup fee will be included in the cost.  If you're event is further away there could be additional delivery charges.

Do The Restroom Trailers Have Heating & Cooling?

Yes!  We want your event attendees to be as comfortable as possible so all of our restroom trailers have heating and air conditioning systems.

Do The Trailers Need Water On-Site?

Yes, the trailers do have fresh water holding tanks but these can run out over a multi-day event or longer term rental.  We can arrange to have them refilled but it's always convenient if water is available on-site.  Just a regular garden hose is needed for the restroom trailers.

Do The Trailers Need Access To Power?

Yes. The trailers have simple power electric cords just like in your house -- you plug them like you do your refrigerator or microwave.

How many outlets are required?

Two 15 amp outlets are required. We suggest using separate electrical circuits and not plugging anything to the power source other than the trailer. During the winter, an additional outlet is required to supply sufficient heating—totaling to 3 outlets.

Extension Cords:

We supply 100 FT of extension cord for each outlet.

Can the trailers run off a generator?

Yes. We can provide a generator rental for locations without a power source.

Will the generator make noise?

Yes, however, we use super quiet inverter generators so the noise should be minimal.

How long will a generator last on one gas tank?

Approx 10–14 hours.

How Far In Advance Do We Need To Book?

While we can sometimes accommodate short-notice rentals it's not always possible.  If you are planning an event you should book your restroom trailers in as far advance as possible.  For most of our client events our trailers are booked a few months in advance of the event.