10 Station Luxury
10 Station Luxury
10 Station Luxury
10 Station Luxury
10 Station Luxury
10 Station Luxury

10 Station Luxury

Our 10-Station Luxury Restroom Trailer is the perfect choice for larger events, designed to handle big crowds with unmatched elegance and efficiency. 

The women's side features five private rooms, each offering privacy and a touch of refinement. Soft, ambient lighting pairs well with the stylish interior design, creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, the area is equipped with two sinks, and spacious countertops, ensuring convenience and personal space for everyone.

For the gentlemen, the trailer has three urinals and two private men's rooms, all elegantly designed to match the high standards of the rest of the facility. This section also features two sinks, equipped with ample counter space, designed to provide a comfortable and efficient experience for all users.

The exterior of the trailer reflects the luxury within, with a sophisticated design that seamlessly blends with any event's theme or setting. Climate control ensures the interior remains comfortable regardless of the weather outside, making it perfect for events in any season.

Our Luxury 10-Station Restroom Trailer is more than just a convenience—it's a statement. It assures your guests of your commitment to their comfort and elevates the caliber of your event. Perfect for large weddings, corporate events, festivals and any occasion where the best is expected.

Key Features:

• Five private women’s rooms (100% privacy)

• Three urinals and two private men’s rooms

• 4 sinks with vanities

• AC and heating

• Women’s side:

3 Private rooms (100% privacy)

2 Sinks

• Men’s side:

3 urinals 

2 Private rooms (100% privacy)

2 Sinks

Other Features:

• Indicator locks on doors

• Mirrors with decorative frame

• Toilet paper dispensers

• Paper towel dispensers

• Roll out stairs

• 1000 Gallon waste tank


• AC and heating

• Smart touch digital thermostat

• LED exterior entrance lights

• LED interior lighting

Sporting Events
Corporate Events
Film and Movie Sets
Trade Shows
Family Reunions