Portable Luxury Restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons, NY


The smiles and fun fade off when people can't cater to their porta potty needs. How do you handle the need to use the restroom at outdoor events? If you stay in the Hamptons, there is no need to get worked up over this. There are luxury restroom trailers in the Hamptons that will cater to your restroom needs.

Luxury restroom trailers in the Hamptons are nothing like the conventional porta potties. You can enjoy the same comforts as home when you rent them from reputable luxury restroom rental companies. Before getting portable luxury restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons, you should consider some factors. There is also basic knowledge you should have about Hampton Restroom Trailer Rentals.

What Are Luxury Restroom Trailers?

Luxury trailers are portable restrooms that cater to people's bathroom needs outside the confines of a home. It would help if you had these restroom trailers in east Hampton, where indoor restrooms are often unavailable.

Luxury restroom trailers often come with exquisite interiors that give you the same feeling of home. They are more classy than traditional porta potties. Additionally, they have a wide range of use.

You can use them at events, celebrations, construction sites, and even festivals. Often, when people are considering luxury restroom trailer rentals, they think the use of the trailer is limited to the day of the event. However, you could keep the trailer for longer. At The Mobile Throne, we provide long term restroom trailers in the Hamptons

The Mobile Throne offers our luxury restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons. We have a wide range of luxury restroom trailers you can choose from. All our portable restrooms have interiors that compete with the restroom of five-star hotels.

Each of these units comes with a sink, flushable toilets, and essential amenities that will remind guests to clean up after them. Additionally, we always conduct multiple checks to ensure that the outdoor restroom is in top-notch shape before delivering it to your event.

If you are unsure how many units you will need our restroom trailer rental you need, you could reach out to us. We are open to consultation and can easily get you the number of restroom unit that suits your needs perfectly

What You Need to Know Before Booking Portable Luxury Restroom Trailers for Rent in the Hamptons

Before placing a call to rent portable luxury restroom trailers in the Hamptons, there are certain factors you need to take care of. These factors include where you will position the trailer and the electricity that will power the restroom.

1. Flat Accessible Surface

Now that you have a venue for your event or construction, you need to map out the location for the luxury restroom trailer.

You should consider that people will occasionally enter and exit the restroom trailer. Considering this, you should choose a level surface where the trailer won't tilt when positioned.

Your choice of location for the trailer doesn't need to be paved or tarred. It should be smooth enough to give the portable restroom trailer a solid base.

While considering the placement of the nice porta potty, people most times consider how the restroom will be driven to the chosen location. Usually, portable toilet rental companies for events drive the trailers down to the event's location. Consequently, it is essential for the road leading to the porta potties mapped out space to be motorable.

2. Power Source

A power source is essential to the smooth run of your luxury restroom trailer. Our portable restrooms at The Mobile Throne are fitted with an AC and heating system. Additionally, our restrooms have hot and cold running water, a Bluetooth stereo system, and light bulbs. All these amenities run on electricity.

Without a power source, our portable luxury restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons would be reduced to the conventional porta potty. This will cause it to get dirty in a short time. Furthermore, your guests would be uncomfortable using the place.

Since you would be getting the trailer on a long term basis, you should choose the most cost-effective power source option. If you need help choosing a power source that will fit, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

3. Water Source

Getting a water source does not mean that you need to install a city water storage tank. Rather, it means that you should make plans for water to get into the different units of the portable restroom trailer. That way, guests can clean up after using the restroom.

At The Mobile Throne, we know that getting a water source could be challenging, especially at the beginning of using our portable luxury restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons. Consequently, all luxury restroom trailer rentals from us come with sufficient water that can cater to your needs and that of your guest.

Things To Consider When Renting A Luxury Restroom Trailer

When choosing a luxury restroom trailer for rent in the Hamptons, you should consider several factors. These factors include

1. The Type Of Event You Are Hosting

The guests at different events differ from each other. For example, board members' expectations will differ from those of guests at a party. Due to this, you would want to give an impression that you are thoughtful and consider everything they will need.

One of the ways to bail yourself out is by speaking to the Long term Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental. They would have handled different types of events. Consequently, they have the right advice to help you easily pull off each event.

Even if you do not agree with them fully, they could inspire your thinking. Hence, allowing you to wow your guests.

2. The Location And Terrain Of Your Event

You should rent outdoor restrooms with the location of your event in mind. Consider the terrain, the perimeter, and the number of guests the venue can accommodate. Let these factors influence how many luxury restroom trailers you rent.

In situations where you are renting the trailer for your office, factor in the average daily visitors. Your major focus as a host should be the impression you leave on your guests and clients. Hence, you need to factor in the expected influx and plan accordingly.

Another major factor you should consider is the terrain of the event. Luxury Restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons are best located on flat, solid surfaces. Placing them on sloppy terrains could cause them to slip and fall. You want to void such an unpalatable occurrence at your event.

3. The Size Of Trailers the Hampton Restroom Trailer Rentals Supplies

Most people are particular about how roomy the interior of a portable restroom trailer is. Unfortunately, they sometimes forget to consider how much external space it will consume. When speaking to your Hampton Restroom Trailer Rentals, find out how much space the portable luxury restroom trailers will occupy.

In situations like this, one of the best ways to cut down on size is by renting multi-units. Multi-units afford you more restrooms with less space. At the mobile throne, we have as many as 5 station trailers. These 5 station trailers have 5 well-furnished restrooms in them.

Each restroom has its door, so your guests can enjoy the ultimate privacy they require. Furthermore, these units are equipped with mirrors, toilet paper dispensers, LED interior decorative lighting, and other essentials your guests need.

Our restrooms are demarcated into two segments. One segment will serve male guests while the other comes in handy for the females. Before delivering the restrooms, we ensure they are meticulously cleaned and checked. If you run into any challenges while using the units, we would be more than willing to help you.

4. Aesthetical Appeal

The aesthetics of a restroom trailer is an important part of your event. It is a chance for you to leave an impression on your guests. The aesthetic appeal also shows how important your guests are to you. Hence, you do not want to leave it to chance.

Get pictures, visit the portable luxury restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons, conduct thorough research, and go the extra mile. You could go as far as asking the Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental to customize the interior for you.

When the event is over, and your guests are gone, they will not forget the restroom conditions easily. Due to this, ensure that they remember your event with smiles when they reflect on it. The aesthetic appeal of mobile throne restroom trailers is mind-blowing.

You could maximize our restroom trailers to give different effects. If you want a homey ambiance, we could get it done with the snap of your fingers. Our Bluetooth stereo system is an added ambiance tool.

The Bluetooth stereo system could help ensure your guests do not miss out on the main event while in the restroom. Additionally, you could choose soothing or lively songs that will keep them excited during their toilet business.

Why You Should Get Portable Luxury Restroom Trailers for Rent in The Hamptons

Restroom trailers are an improvement on the conventional porta potty. They are more classy and more comfortable than the porta potties. As a Hampton resident, there are several reasons why you should consider luxury restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons.

1. Luxury Restroom Trailers Are Spacious

The regular porta potties have limited space. Sometimes, the space is barely enough for the guest to walk into the restroom. After they are in, some might be so small and hinder guests from sitting comfortably. Due to the rush to get out, guests sometimes forget to clean up.

In no time, several of these units have to be abandoned because they are messed up. At other times, guests who need to change or clean up their babies end up navigating the event venue severally in search of a private location.

You could ease this stress by getting The Mobile Throne’s portable luxury restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons. Our restrooms are roomy and spacious, so your guests would not need to rush out. We have sinks that could make it easier for guests to freshen up during the event. Additionally, guests with children have enough room to clean up their kids without discomfort.

2. Luxury Restroom Trailers Are Not Maintenance Intensive

Luxury restroom trailers require less maintenance than conventional porta potties. They come with flushable toilets and essentials your guests need.

Our luxury restrooms are meticulously cleaned before they get delivered to you. These units come with water, toiletries, and toilet sinks your guests will need. You do not need extra staff to operate our luxury restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons. The amenities in the units would remind them to clean up after themselves.

3. Luxury Restroom Trailers Have Functioning Facilities

A typical luxury restroom trailer is expected to have running water, lights, heaters, and air conditioning units. The essence of these units is to make your guests feel at home while in the restroom. The mobile throne knows these necessities, so we offer state-of-the-art facilities.

Let The Mobile Throne Supply You with Luxury Restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons

At The Mobile Throne, your guests' perception of you is important to us. We offer top-notch services and ensure you have a satisfactory experience. Before delivery, our restrooms are checked severally to ensure they are in good condition. Furthermore, we supply these units with luxury features your guests need in the restroom.

Before delivery, all our restrooms are stocked with high-end paper towels, liquid soap, air refreshers, and empty trash cans. Additionally, they come with toilet paper dispensers and empty trash cans so guests can easily trash their waste.

Unlike most companies, our restroom trailers are available for rent on a long term basis. To give you a remarkable experience, we are available for consultation whenever you need us.

For your Luxury Restroom trailers for rent in the Hamptons, contact the mobile throne today at (516) 500-3113. Please fill out our contact form online, and we will get back to you. Kindly visit our website at www.themobilethrone.com for more information.